My highlight of Sony’s PlayStation showcase is, you guessed it, coming to PC

Sony broadcasted a PlayStation Showcase yesterday, notable because these days very little they show is actually exclusive to PlayStation. Spider-Man 2 looks amazing, sure, but given the original and Miles Morales are already on PC it’s only a matter of time before that hits Steam. Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater? We got that too. The only game I wasn’t sure about was my personal highlight of the night, an OTT hack-and-slash game called Phantom Blade: Zero. 

It seemed like this might be a PlayStation exclusive but the developers subsequently posted the trailer to YouTube, and there were two very important logo additions at the end: the Epic Games Store and Steam. Now, the most obvious thing to say about this trailer is that it seems to be a mix of pre-rendered action sequences and what looks like genuine clips of the combat system, though given the absence of any HUD or other indicators it’s hard to say. But if this combat system looks anything like it does here, and feels good in the hands, then this could be a winner.

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