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[Sneak peek] Creeper Fridge

This one is coming soon, but we’re excited, so we’ll give you a sneak peek for all your future buying plans! This two foot-tall mini fridge is perfect for when you want a chilled drink to go with your latest adventure. As Minecraft Legends has taught us, creepers can become useful allies in certain circumstances, so don’t worry, the only sssssssssssss you’ll be hearing is the crack of a cold can!

That’s a whole lot of Legends loot to choose from! Whether you prefer to defeat the piglins alone or to one-up your friends in PvP, and whether you want to settle down with a book and a plush or you want to recreate your most epic moments with action figures, there’s something for everyone. And if you want even more merch goodness, be sure to head on over to our official store. Good luck uniting the Overworld, driving away the hordes – and finding the perfect gift!

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