Is life with multiple monitors actually better?

I remember the days of CRT monitors—beefy, chunky behemoths that made it so all but the most dedicated of warrior monks were one and done when it came to computer monitors. Now though, I feel like you’re hard pressed to find a PC gamer who isn’t operating off at least two screens, while the new work from home paradigm means that a laptop on one of those lifted stands paired with an external monitor is a common sight even on non-gamer desks.

PCG executive editor Tyler Wilde has mentioned that he focuses better with one monitor instead of the requisite 21st century hacker cave panel of panels. I would quietly scoff at this—”I don’t get distracted, I’m built different!” I may not actually be built different. While working off my laptop recently I found I was getting stuff done way faster limited to a single 1080p screen. Without an extra 2,160 pixels of real estate to my left, I had to stay on top of how many tabs I had open and take care of tasks one at a time. When gaming, I find I often just leave my second monitor on the desktop—you have to alt tab to do anything on it, and don’t we all just Google search for guides on our phones anyway?

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