A co-creator of the original Fallout says he modified his criminally underrated D&D videogame to work with a Department of Defense AI project in 2005

I come to you, PC Gamer reader, hat in hand to report once again that Fallout/Outer Worlds co-creator and Troika Games co-founder, Tim Cain, has said something in a YouTube vlog that blew my damn mind. He’s already regaled us with tales of a Lord of the Rings RPG that never was (opens in new tab), “the true purpose of the Vaults in Fallout (opens in new tab),” and the rough plans for a Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines sequel/expansion (opens in new tab) set in Barstow and Vegas. A few days ago, he also dished (opens in new tab) on helping train a US Department of Defense AI to play grognard holy grail and “The Most D&D (opens in new tab)” D&D game, The Temple of Elemental Evil (opens in new tab).

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