THE QUARRY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PROLOGUE (FULL GAME)

The Quarry Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue and Campaign Chapter 1 for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, and PC. The Quarry 2022 Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. The Quarry Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Reactions, PS5 Gameplay, Xbox Series X Gameplay, Tarot Cards, Paths, Evidence, Clues, All Endings, All Decisions, All Choices, Everyone Lives, Abigail, Emma, Ryan, Kaitlyn, Nick, Jacob, Dylan, Max, Laura, Chris Hackett, Single Player and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story! Thanks 2K Games and Supermassive Games for Sponsoring this Part 1!


The Quarry Chapters include: Prologue: Into the Woods, Chapter 1: Hackett’s Quarry Forever, Chapter 2: Truth or Dare, Chapter 3: Trouble in Paradise, Chapter 4: Don’t Panic, Chapter 5: White Noise, Chapter 6: Prayers by Night, Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us, Chapter 8: The Belly of the Beast, Chapter 9: The Matriarch, Chapter 10: The Final Girl and the Epilogue.

The Quarry is a survival horror interactive drama video game played from a third-person perspective. In the game, the player assumes control of nine different teenagers who must survive a night at the Hackett’s Quarry. The player must make different decisions, which can change the character development, the plot, and the relationships between different characters. Due to the game’s branching storyline, it has many endings, and at the end of a playthrough, players will be given different collectible cards that depict the fate of each character.

The game also features a Movie mode, which disables certain gameplay elements such as button mashing, quick-time events, and aiming and shooting, allowing players to progress in the game with minimum input. The game also features local and online multiplayer. In local multiplayer, players take turns to control different characters, while in the online mode, seven other participating players can vote in key decisions. Players can participate in voting by only downloading the demo version of The Quarry. The game also features a movie-only mode in which the player can set the personality traits of different characters and then let the story play out.


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