Grab your weapons, Watcher of Realms pre-registration is open now

The developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is back with a new game, and Watcher of Realms pre-registration is open now. This next-gen fantasy RPG brings the world of Tya to life for players on mobile and PC.

You play as Commander Aurion and your job is to gather a team of heroes to protect Tya from being corrupted by an ancient god and its Tides of Darkness. The story is fully voiced and provides engaging backstories for the characters so you can truly understand what you’re fighting for.

If you’re after a PvP experience, Watcher of Realms also has a PvP arena where you can compete against players around the world to claim the title of Arena Overlord. This game focuses on hero summoning, instant combat, and key hero placement, so prepare to think quickly and strategically to come out on top against bosses or your fellow players.

Where do I go for Watcher of Realms pre-registration?

You can pre-register for Watcher of Realms on iOS, Android, or PC via the official website.

If Watcher of Realms reaches its goal of 2.4 million players pre-registered, you will receive these rewards for signing up:

  • Hero EXP Potions
  • 100 diamonds
  • 100k gold
  • Three Psychic Power Boosts
  • 24 hours 100% EXP Bonus
  • 12 Rare Summoning Crystals

That’s everything you need to know about Watcher of Realms pre-registration. For more fantasy RPG fun while you wait, check out our Diablo Immortal classes guide.

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