The Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition remaster has an optional HUD with a Doom-style ouch face

In case you missed it, there’s a 4K remaster of Rise of the Triad, the cult first-person shooter where you first-person shoot cultists, due out this year. It’s a collaboration between Apogee Entertainment, Nightdive Studios, and New Blood Interactive, who recently shared some extra details on how they’re updating this classic (opens in new tab)

Among those details is the addition of new HUD options in both minimalist and classic wide status-bar style. And where the original HUD could display a pixelated version of whichever character you chose from ROTT’s selection of five badasses, the remaster will have an animated version of them that changes as they score power-ups (gaining glowing eyes for God Mode and transforming into a dog for Dog Mode), and becomes a proper Doom ouch face (opens in new tab) when they take damage.

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