Wordle hint and answer today: Let’s solve #661, April 11

You’ll find all the help you need to make your daily Wordle (opens in new tab) a breeze just below. Check out our tips and guides if you’d like a little general advice, take a peek at a helpful clue for the April 11 (661) game if you need some direction, or salvage what was almost a miss with today’s Wordle answer, further down the page.

Today’s puzzle was a close call. My opening guess gave me a green and a yellow, and my follow-up did little more than put that same yellow in a different spot. Once I’d got it locked in as a green, my troubles then continued for another couple of guesses until I hit the Wordle answer through a slightly panicked process of elimination. Phew

Wordle hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

A Wordle hint for Tuesday, April 11

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