The Stanley Parable’s narrator is somehow gaming’s latest hunk

Step aside Ghost (opens in new tab), there’s a new videogame character sending the internet into a horny frenzy. I’m not quite sure why or how this has happened, but The Stanley Parable’s narrator has been receiving some rather favourable attention across TikTok and Steam reviews lately. By favourable, I mean people being down atrocious for this transcendental being.

It seems to be a mixture of people thirsting after the narrator’s voice—provided by the wonderful Kevan Brighting—and shipping him with Stanley, the game’s protagonist. The former is the one taking up most of my TikTok For You Page, though. Some of them are rather mild, like the narrator’s rather heartwarming pep talk (opens in new tab) about how people care about the protagonist. Some are more, um, not like that. Think whimpering and heavy breathing compilations (opens in new tab) along with the search bar “Stanley Parable narrator begging.” I’m not sure either.

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