Wooting’s three-buttoned UwU keyboard starts at $50

Two weeks ago we got word of a brand new kind of keyboard (opens in new tab) coming out. Wooting, the folks behind our favourite gaming keyboard (opens in new tab) of the minute, the Wooting Two HE (opens in new tab), have been hard at work on a new design. The adorable little three-keyed board looks like an April Fools joke at first glance, but the Wooting UwU is real and we have details of the founders campaign to go alongside this unique product.

The UwU is a purpose-built board designed for the rhythm game osu! A keyboard made for just one game may seem like overkill, but osu! is a free-to-play mainstay of the rhythm gaming community that’s been around for years, and has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to social media. 

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