Session: Skate Sim Review

Reviewed by Luke Reilly on PlayStation 5. Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC.

“Session may be reminiscent of the similarly hardcore 2020 skateboarding simulation, Skater XL, but it picks up where its rival stalled by arriving with a far, far more substantial map selection, plus a simple campaign that stitches it all together. I also can’t deny the addictive charm of seeking out a spot and having dozens of attempts at sticking a slick trick sequence, for no other reason than it looks cool as hell when you nail it. Despite its unfinished feel and the unflinching precision it requires to play, I really am finding it rewarding and relaxing. However, while Creā-ture Studios’ unapologetically difficult-to-master ode to skateboarding is packed with a palpable love for the sport, it’s also packed with a few too many frustrating bugs – and its unsympathetic tutorial and mission design severely undermines its approachability.”

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