Dark and Darker dev starts and then pauses GoFundMe for Nexon legal battle: ‘The reality of the situation is that their end goal is to bleed us dry in court fees’

The legal battle between publishing giant Nexon and a small group of ex-employees at Ironmace who left to make their own game is only getting uglier. Nexon’s claims (opens in new tab) that Ironmace’s Dark and Darker illegally uses code and concepts from its own cancelled “P3” project have so far resulted in a police raid on Ironmace’s South Korean studio (opens in new tab) and the official removal of Dark and Darker’s Steam page.

Ironmace is fighting the claim, having this week published its own evidence (opens in new tab) that Dark and Darker was developed from scratch and utilized purchased assets from the Unreal library. Whether or not Nexon has a case against Ironmace, the verdict isn’t likely to come before months of expensive legal proceedings.

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