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We’re STILL all stuck indoors right now, because the world outside turned into bricks. It’s now Day 39, and Caddy has jumped from watching the worst youtube video ever in his collection of worst youtube videos ever from his past, to watching 287 – nearly 300 – of the worst game reviews of all time. No exageration. These might very well be more than a load bad game reviews – we’re not talking Irate Gamer – no AVGN rip offs – this is public access tv. It’s creepy, it’s unsettling, and it’s not very well written or presented – it’s Gaming in the Clinton Years – formerly known as Flights of Fantasy, and presented by the great George Wood. Filled with questionable statements, best quotes and plenty of fodder for all of your out of context twitter accounts – get ready to absorb every minute of the time Caddy had to watch 555 (in total) youtube videos in order to find the worst ever. Doesn’t even matter if there’s no context – they’re still the worst game reviews of all time. You’ll see. Special thanks to the NAVGTR youtube channel for archiving Flights of Fantasy and starting the George Wood ARG, and thanks for acronyming the show to ‘GITCY’. Cos that’s funny. Tomb Raider, Toy Story, Tomb Raider 2, Crash Bandicoot – they’re all here and ready to make your jaw drop.

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