Newly Published Sony Patent Shows It Exploring Avenues To Trade And Use NFTs Across Platforms

A recently published patent from Sony reveals that the company continues to look into NFTs and the blockchain, this time with a patent that explores a method of using and trading NFTs across platforms.

“NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms” is the exact title of the patent, described in the abstract as “Systems and methods are disclosed for determining that a first end-user entity has performed a task within a computer simulation for which a non-fungible token is to be provided, where the NFT is associated with a digital asset.”

“Responsive to the determination, the NFT is provided to the first end-user entity so that the digital asset may be used, via the entities for their own use across different simulations and/or platforms.”

Drawings from the patent show boxes of text which are meant to seem as messages to players, with NFTs being presented as awards for the player who potentially was the first one to beat a boss or the final boss of a new game, or simply just finding a piece of exotic loot and being awarded the NFT for it.

Of course, like all Sony patents, just the fact that it exists, doesn’t mean Sony will actually put it to use. Many players still raise an eyebrow in concern when they hear ‘NFTs’ or ‘blockchain’ around their games.

The extent of that sentiment might just be enough for Sony to make this another patent it leaves unused.

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