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Gorgeous pixel art adventure game Unreal Life ($6.99) from hako life and room6 hit mobile platforms following its release on PC and Nintendo Switch. Before hitting mobile, Shaun covered it at TGS 2018. Today, Unreal Life has been discounted by about 40% off on all platforms. If you’ve not tried it yet, Unreal Life has you playing as a girl who has lost her memories but only remembers one name: “Miss Sakura”. You try and find Miss Sakura with the help of a traffic light and have the ability to read the memories of objects you touch. The discount has rolled out worldwide now. I need to get around to replaying it for review, but Unreal Life is a special experience, and is definitely worth grabbing if you enjoy these kinds of games. Watch the Unreal Life mobile gameplay trailer below:

Unreal Life is cheapest on mobile followed by Steam and the Nintendo Switch. It is regularly priced at $22.99 on Nintendo Switch, but is down to $13.79 right now. It is down to $11.99 from its $19.99 price point on Steam. On mobile, it is about $3.99 on iOS and Android. You can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out the official English website for Unreal Life here. I just downloaded it on Nintendo Switch to try out and compare with how the game runs on mobile and Steam Deck. Have you played Unreal Life on any platform yet or will you be taking advantage of this sale?

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