Valheim Contains 60FPS Performance Mode On Both Xbox Series X And S

Iron Gate’s sprawling Viking survival game Valheim is now available as part of the March 2023 Xbox Game Pass lineup, and we’ve had a little look to see how this one is shaping up on Xbox Series X and S at launch.

Given the game’s PC-based origins, we weren’t sure how the Xbox version would turn out. While we’ve only tried out the very opening of the game so far, we’re pleased to report it supports a performance option on both Xbox Series X and S. Better yet, Valheim is getting a third “Balanced” option on Xbox in the near future!

Here’s what Iron Gate Studio co-founder Henrik Törnqvist had to say with Xbox Wire earlier today:

“On Xbox Series X|S there will be different fidelity modes. On release it will be Quality (aiming at high fidelity at 30 FPS) and Performance (aiming at 60 FPS). We also aim to add the Balanced mode in one of the upcoming patches (aiming at 40 FPS, but higher Fidelity than Performance).”

You can take a look at both the ‘Quality’ and ‘Performance’ modes available now on Xbox Series X|S in our comparison video up above, before deciding which way to experience Valheim when jumping in on Xbox Game Pass.

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