American McGee Presents: Scrapland walkthrough【FULL GAME】| Longplay

American McGee Presents: Scrapland is an adventure game released by Deep Silver in 2004. You play as D-Tritus, a self-built robot from scraps of iron, who arrives to a planet inhabited by robots called Chimera. Searching for a job, he is immediatly hired as a journalist and starts interviewing important robots, but later he finds out the corruption is everywhere from the big leaders to the least important robots and soon his new mission is to track the murderer of the Bishop. scrapland full gameplay movie walkthrough
0:00:00 Welcome to Scrapland
0:15:44 Meeting Crazy Gambler
0:25:16 Job Interview
0:33:47 First Race
0:36:15 Interview the Archbishop
0:40:46 Investigate Archbishop’s Murder
0:46:46 Meeting with Deep Throat
0:56:58 Ficus’ Jobs
1:12:32 Functionary Hunting
1:21:46 Finding Crazy Gambler’s Clues
2:54:48 Banker Ship Plans
3:06:48 Face The Mayor
3:31:23 Ambushed
3:38:12 Scare Traitorius
3:43:01 Joining Flower Power
4:20:00 Recover Your Matrix
4:27:55 Investigating the Mayor
4:46:58 Help the Human
4:57:49 Recover Data for the Boss
5:19:48 Infiltrate the Library
5:35:12 Helping Trurl
5:51:04 Recover Money for the Chief of Bankers
6:07:41 Meet Berto in Scrapyard
6:20:47 Defeat Crazy Gambler
6:40:54 Find who Deep Throat is
6:43:26 Destroy Humphrey
6:48:40 Help the Human to Escape
6:52:17 Take Down the Comm Buoys
7:05:34 Face the Big Boss

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Developer: MercurySteam
Publishers: Enlight Software, Deep Silver
Platforms: PC, Xbox
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Adventure

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