A beginner’s guide to Path of Exile, a dense, complicated, but rewarding ARPG

Path of Exile will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. For me, even with Diablo 4 just a few months away, it reigns supreme among the many contenders to the crown Diablo 2 crafted—the best action RPG on the market if you’re looking for hordes of isometric monsters and loot explosions. 

However, despite clocking a truly alarming number of hours on it, I rarely recommend it to people. It’s dense, complicated, and death can come quickly and repeatedly. With 10 years of challenge leagues leaving indelible footprints of monsters, items, and mechanics, just getting started can be… a lot.

Hopefully, this will help. This guide will take you through everything you need to know to get yourself smoothly to PoE’s endgame. For many, the Atlas of Worlds is what separates Path of Exile from its competitors—a sprawling, labyrinthine system of randomly generated levels that all build on one another in a glorious cacophony. Let’s get started.

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First steps and picking a build 

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