The Olympics is putting on an esports event without any actual esports games

Pop quiz: If you were putting together some kind of Olympic esports event, what games would you feature? Perhaps Dota 2? League of Legends? Counter-Strike? Hell, you could throw Quake 3 Arena in there and really put on a show worth seeing.

You probably wouldn’t feature such legendary titles as Tic Tac Bow (opens in new tab), a free-to-play mobile game that released last month and currently enjoys a rating of 1.9 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Nor would you choose Tennis Clash (opens in new tab), whose most recent reviews criticise it for “malicious and predatory” loot box mechanics. And only the most determined racing enthusiasts would try to crowbar in Gran Turismo, which—although it has a more recognisable title than the other two—has yet to acquire its own Liquipedia (opens in new tab) hub page.

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