The best baseball games on Switch and mobile

Our picks for the best baseball games on Switch and mobile have it all, so you can concentrate on your batting technique. With a sport as popular as baseball, there are as many wacky versions of the old ball game as there are realistic sims, so we’ve included a bit of both to give you a few options before you pick a team. It’s America’s favourite pastime, one of the biggest sports in Japan, and your next sporting obsession, with a host of baseball games on Switch and mobile. Whether you want to strike out the biggest players in the MLB, or shrink down your game for some bite-size baseball, there’s something for everyone who wants to step up to the plate.

Still, if you’d rather feel the steel between your hands than an old wooden bat, why not check out our lists for the best golf games or the best fishing games on Switch and mobile. Or, if you’re up for batting, but prefer a four-day challenge to nine innings, take a browse of our thoughts on the best cricket games on Switch and mobile for the English equivalent.

With that out the way, it’s time to pitch the first ball in our best baseball games on Switch and mobile list

MLB the Show 22, the official baseball game of the MLB

MLB: The Show 22 – Switch

The closest you can get to the real thing without holding a bat, MLB The Show 22 is the premier baseball simulation on Switch. With all of the big players from the U.S. league, countless classic stadiums, and the most comprehensive mechanics you’ll find in a baseball game you can take on the go, this is the baseball fan’s baseball game. 

It’s also probably the most comprehensive online baseball experience, with cross-platform play opening up more opponents to face at the plate. The popular Diamond Dynasty mode returns too, so you can collect cards, build your franchise, and aim for a place in the hall of fame. 

Cover art for Super Mega Baseball 3, one of the best baseball sims on Switch

Super Mega Baseball 3 – Switch

While MLB has all the realism you could need, Super Mega Baseball 3 brings the fun. The big-head ballers of Super Mega Baseball might not be recognisable faces, but you’ll learn to love them regardless as you ascend the leagues to sporting stardom. With countless ways to play, you can take a team and train them for the big time, or you can pick up a pack of pitchers and take them into online competitions, either way, it’s a certified homerun. 

Cover for Arcade Archives VS Baseball, one of the arcade archives baseball games from the collection

Arcade Archives VS Baseball – Switch

Rollback the years with a retro classic in Arcade Archives VS Baseball. Of course, you can’t expect too much from a game first released in 1984, but you might be surprised by how well the gameplay holds up, and how much fun you can still have. There’s a two-player mode included too, making this title a perfect addition to any retro gaming night. 

Homerun Clash, one of the mobile baseball games

Homerun Clash – mobile

For baseball on the go with a competitive online element, we recommend Homerun Clash every time. It’s the most outlandish baseball sim on this list by a fair way, with witches, superheroes, Dwayne Johnson lookalikes, and more stepping up to bat. It’s also one of the more arcade-style baseball games, with a bunch of power-ups and extras to keep you knocking fastballs out of the park. 

Desktop Baseball cover art, one of the quirky baseball games on Switch

Desktop Baseball – Switch

Desktop Baseball is to MLB what Micro Machines is to Gran Turismo, with a shrunk-down arena filled with tiny fielders and bite-size batters. It’s also the closest we think we’re ever going to get to a baseball gacha game, with tons of collectable players, outfits, and customisable items. While it’s obviously not as expansive as some of the other baseball sims on this list, it’s a quaint experience to shake up any baller bored of hyper-realistic gameplay. 

baseball games Little League world series: a player hitting a ball with a bat

Little League World Series Baseball 2022 – Switch

Take your team to winning heights and slide your way into the championships in Little League World Series Baseball 2022. You can coach the way you want and form your own playstyle with abilities, gear, and boosts.

Key art for MLB Tap Sport 22s, one of the mobile baseball games

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 – mobile

While you can’t quite expect the level of shine that you’d get from a console title, for a mobile game MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 includes all the crucial elements for a few innings on the go. For the casual gamer, there are daily challenges to pick up and earn rewards, and for the more invested baseball fan, all the big teams from the MLB are included with up-to-date stats and figures. 

There you have it, our picks for the best baseball games on Switch and mobile, with a couple of curveballs included. Of course, all the best sportspeople need to keep their energy up, so why not browse our list of the best cooking games to get your energy up before a big game. 

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