DayZ PS4 Update 1.49 Patch Notes Reveal Key Bug Fixes, Known Issues Detailed

Bohemia Interactive has announced the DayZ update 1.49 patch notes for you to digest, which comes with yet more bug fixes for the game.

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Console Stable 1.20 Update 3 – Version 1.20.155844 (Released on 01.03.2022)

If your community server was impacted by the duplicated objects through object spawner usage, we are highly recommending to wipe your server contents – or revert to a previous storage version – to assure game stability. Not following this procedure can result in severe instabilities.



  • Fixed: Spawning objects with _DE-suffix by Object Spawner could result in them being duplicated with every server restart


  • Weapons that in previous version were bugged due to loading a bullet from a ruined magazine need to chamber a bullet to function again
  • The gear box of the M1025 might desync when shifted up in drive mode

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