New Deep Rock Galactic spinoff is a Vampire Survivors-style auto-shooter (with mining)

The world of cooperative horde shooter Deep Rock Galactic is getting adapted to a new setting: A survivors-style auto-horde-shooter where a single dwarf takes on the buggy hordes all on their own. The trailer (opens in new tab) for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor dropped today alongside a Steam page and a loose Early Access release date of “2023.”

The spinoff will release into Early Access, where it promises to have four characters, 30-some guns, 10 or so enemies, 1-3 bosses, and 3-5 biomes to explore in the same mission-based extraction gameplay that has you escape with your loot to buy permanent upgrades for future missions. Perhaps the most intriguing bit is that you’ll still be mining stuff and that it’ll still have the same kind of procedural cave generation that Deep Rock Galactic is known for. 

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