Xbox boss Phil Spencer somehow managed to 100% Vampire Survivors while managing the biggest videogame acquisition in history

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer can’t be too concerned about how the Activision acquisition (opens in new tab) is going, because he’s dedicated over ten days of his life to getting every single achievement in Vampire Survivors, including the ones in its Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Spencer ticked off the Victory Sword achievement—held by a mere 4.74% of Xbox players at time of writing—last Sunday evening, thereby ascending to the pantheon of S-Rank Vampire Survivors players and finally proving himself better than me at playing videogames. Which was probably his intention.

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Assuming we can take old Phil at his word, this also means he holds the coveted EXTRA: Chaos Malachite achievement, currently held by a mere 1.87% of players and the rarest one going (so far as I can tell). If you’d like to translate those stats into something more familiar to the likes of you and me, the Victory Sword and Chaos Malachite achievements are held by 8.7% and 2.7% of Steam users (opens in new tab), respectively.

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