Quest v50 update adds poking and prodding

With Sony’s PSVR2 launching around the world, Meta just had to come out with its own VR-related announcement today. It’s not as exciting as a new VR headset, but it does add some much desired functionality to the Meta Quest line of headsets. The Quest is probably the most popular headset around, and Sony’s not exactly expecting huge PSVR 2 uptake (opens in new tab). So in a way, a software update for a Meta headset is actually much bigger news than Sony’s fancy new VR headset.

Now that I’ve ragged on a headset I can’t afford, Meta is rolling out its new v50 update (opens in new tab) to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro (opens in new tab) headsets over the next few weeks. The v50 update includes a few different features, but one of the most interesting is the ability to use our hands instead of controllers with a feature dubbed Direct Touch. 

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