How am I just now learning about the cops whose job is to play Fortnite?

Did you know that Denmark has a specialised unit of cops whose job is to play online games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and Minecraft? Me neither, until I was alerted to the existence (via Reddit (opens in new tab)) of the Danish Politiets Online Patrulje (opens in new tab) (Police Online Patrol), a squad of Danish police officers whose job is apparently to “patrol” online social spaces and keep an eye out for things like fraud and hate speech.

The unit maintains a presence on Steam (opens in new tab), Discord (opens in new tab), and even streams on Twitch (opens in new tab), where it was active earlier today. Naturally, it’s also active in popular multiplayer games like the ones I mentioned earlier (the squad’s player avatars (opens in new tab) in Minecraft have been customised to resemble a Danish police uniform). They’re pretty prolific on TikTok, too.

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