After Elden Ring released, The Lords of the Fallen devs realized one of their bosses was ‘nearly identical to Malenia’

2014 action RPG Lords of the Fallen was obviously inspired by FromSoftware games, and so is its upcoming reboot, The Lords of the Fallen (opens in new tab) (a name that will torment Google searchers forever). According to creative director Cezar Virtosu, however, while it might look like they cribbed certain ideas directly from Elden Ring for the new game, they were as surprised as anyone by them.

Development of The Lords of the Fallen began before Elden Ring was revealed, and Virtosu recently told our friends at Edge Magazine (opens in new tab) (via our other friends at GamesRadar (opens in new tab)) that the studio “braced for impact” when details about FromSoftware’s open world RPG started to appear. Sure enough, there was overlap.

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