Mega Man X DLC | Minecraft

Relive the glory days of one of the best platformers ever brought to the Super Nintendo as X dashes from 2D right into a blocky 3D adventure! This DLC is not only rich with reploids – it’s charged with iconic levels reminiscent of the original game in the X series, features 14 skins of familiar characters, and unforgettable songs from the game’s soundtrack!

Of course, there can’t be a proper Mega Man X game without some villains! Duke it out with Vile in his good old Ride Armor, then take on the four classic mavericks Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, and Sting Chameleon. 

Once you’ve managed to defeat each of them, you’ll be able to face the biggest, baddest reploid of them all, awaiting you in his four-stage fortress – Sigma. Can you beat them all in this new dimension as it goes from side-scroller to first-person? No sweat, especially if you’re a veteran Mega Man Legends player!

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