Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Will Include Much Bigger Maps Than Before With More Enemies And NPC’s Scattered Throughout

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor won’t have a version of it releasing on the PS4, and director Stig Asmussen has already explained why.

This explanation also revealed a couple of things about the game that players can expect to see, thanks to how Respawn was able to lean on the PS5 hardware.

Namely that players can expect to see areas on different planets to be larger than they were in Fallen Order, with more enemies and NPC’s all throughout.

Higher density maps across larger spaces, all possible thanks to the hardware of current-gen platforms. Having these higher density maps adds another level of immersion, making these planets feel much more like lived spaces rather than a small level you’re running through.

In other news around Survivor, Asmussen as explained in a recent interview that work the team did to put ray-tracing in Jedi: Fallen Order’s but ultimately scrapped helped to inform their work when putting ray-tracing in Survivor.

Source – [PLAY Magazine]

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