Frictional has a new ‘SOMA-style’ game quietly in the works

Frictional has been busy scaring the wits out of us with Amnesia (opens in new tab) in recent years, but the studio hasn’t forgotten SOMA (opens in new tab), its rather excellent philosophical robo-horror from 2015. Although the Swedish developer is hard at work on Amnesia: the Bunker, the game’s creative lead Fredrik Olsson recently let slip in a chat with DualShockers (opens in new tab) that a project in SOMA’s heady mould is quietly in the works at the studio.

“We are still very much interested in doing more SOMA-style stuff,” Olsson told DS, noting that Frictional’s co-founder Thomas Grip is currently at work “on a bigger project that you can say has much more of this kind of philosophical stuff like you saw in SOMA”. That would jive with a job posting from the company last month (opens in new tab), which was explicitly looking for a narrative designer who “loves sci-fi and horror”.

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