Everyone’s still in love with Tokimeki Memorial, the game that defined dating sims

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Tokimeki Memorial Windows box

Developer: Konami Released: 1995 PC: Windows 95 (Image credit: Konami, Mobygames)

Konami’s Tokimeki Memorial is the Resident Evil of dating sims: it didn’t create the genre it made famous, but it sure as heck defined it. After its PC Engine console debut in 1994 the game swiftly became a million-selling success story, giving rise to countless silly and serious spinoffs at home and in arcades. It was swiftly remade, demade, and ported to just about every successful format at the time—including Windows 95. This version of the game ran in a console-beating hi-colour mode at a pin-sharp 640×480 resolution, and if that wasn’t already enough to encourage a fan to double, triple, or even quadruple dip, the box included an exclusive shirt-sized iron-on transfer print to sweeten the deal.

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