Honkai Star Rail banner guide

Wondering which characters and light cones are featured on the current and next Honkai Star Rail banner? Well, you’re in the right place. With a consistent rotation of featured five- and four-star characters and equipment, it can be hard to wrap your head around when to spend your valuable in-game currency and when to save it. But, with our help, you always know who’s available now and who’s on the horizon so you can plan your pulls accordingly.

We update our Honkai Star Rail next banner guide regularly with all the latest details, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. You can also take a look at our Honkai Star Rail tier list to see which characters are worth pulling, and grab some freebies from our Honkai Star Rail codes guide so you can start saving right away.

Honkai Star Rail banner guide

Honkai Star Rail banner - the Butterfly on Swordtip banner featuring Seele

What’s the current Honkai Star Rail banner?

The first limited character banner (also known as the Character Event Warp) in the final Honkai Star Rail beta is called Butterfly on Swordtip, and features the following Honkai Star Rail characters, offering you a higher chance of pulling them.

The limited Light Cone Event Warp, Brilliant Fixation, also runs concurrently with the Butterfly on Swordtip character banner, featuring the following Light Cones.

  • In the Night (five-star)
  • Post-Op Conversation (four-star)
  • Good Night and Sleep Well (four-star)
  • The Moles Welcome You (four-star)

On the character banner, you’re guaranteed at least one four-star every ten pulls, and one five-star every 90 pulls. On the light cone banner, you’re also guaranteed to pull at least one four-star every ten pulls, but will get at least one five-star every 80 pulls.

Butterfly on Swordtip and Brilliant Fixation run from February 10 – 24.

What’s Honkai Star Rail’s next banner?

We don’t know for sure what the first limited Honkai Star Rail banner will be during the final beta, nor its full release. However, we believe it will likely feature one of the following limited five-stars, along with their limited light cone.

We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as soon as Hoyoverse confirms the upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners.

Honkai Star Rail banner - the Beginner Warp banner showing the five-star characters you can pull

What’s the Honkai Star Rail Beginner Warp banner?

The Beginner Warp banner, also known as the Departure Warp, is a banner that’s, unsurprisingly, aimed at giving beginners a running start. It offers a 20% discount off a set of ten warps, meaning you only need to spend eight warp tickets to get ten pulls. You can pull a total of 50 times on this banner.

When pulling, you’re guaranteed to get at least one four-star or higher every ten warps, and one five-star before you complete all 50 warps. Here are the five-star characters featuring on the Beginner Warp during the final Honkai Star Rail beta.

Here are the four-star characters featuring on the beginner’s banner during the final beta.

Aside from the characters above, you can also pull these four-star light cones on the beginner’s banner.

  • Post-Op Conversation
  • Good Night and Sleep Well
  • Day One of My New Life
  • Only Silence Remains
  • Memories of the Past
  • The Moles Welcome You
  • The Birth of the Self
  • Shared Feeling
  • Eyes of the Pray
  • Landau’s Choice

Honkai Star Rail banner - the Standard Warp banner showing several of the characters you can get

What’s the Honkai Star Rail Standard Warp banner?

Honkai Star Rail’s Standard Warp is a permanent banner, much like the standard Genshin Impact banner. There’s a standard pool of three- to five-star characters, light cones, and items for you to pull. You’re guaranteed at least one four-star or higher object or character every ten warps, and at least one five-star or higher object or character every 90 warps.

As of the final closed beta, the pool of three- to five-star characters and items is the same as those on the beginner’s banner, so check the list above to see what you can pull.

That’s all we’ve got on the standard, current, and next Honkai Star Rail banners for now. If you want to brush up on your knowledge in the run-up to the Honkai Star Rail release date, head over to our Honkai Star Rail characters guide and get familiar with the other passengers aboard the Astral Express.

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