Wordle today: Tuesday, July 26 (402) answer and hint

You’ll find all the help you need with today’s Wordle right here. Whether you’re after a quick clue or simply the answer to the July 26 (402) puzzle, it’s all waiting for you below.

I’m on the prowl today, determined to catch all the Wordle inspiration hidden in my normal routine and then store it safely away for future use. It was going very well until my mind got caught on the idea of WORDS being a potential valid answer (and not all that bad a guess either way), which almost feels like a “The call is coming from inside the house” kind of plot twist. At least Wordle itself is too long to use (and to be fair not a real word either)—that kind of recursive answer would’ve really sent my head spinning. 

Wordle today: A hint for Tuesday, July 26

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