There are still forgotten ’90s shooters being added to Steam

Retro FPS games have had a great run the last few years: on top of throwback games like Dusk and Amid Evil and Ion Fury, Nightdive has revitalized gems like Powerslave and Quake, making them play better than ever on modern PCs. It feels like the well of ’90s shooters should be running dry at this point, but every few months another obscure FPS seemingly lost to time just pops up on Steam unannounced. Today’s is Chasm: The Rift, a 1997 FPS that I’m pretty sure no one has thought about since 1998.

Chasm’s Steam page calls it a “ground-breaking classic first-person 3D shoot-em-up,” though PC Gamer US scored it a weak 56% at the time, saying it didn’t compare too well to Quake, which was the current hotness thanks to, whoa, fully 3D levels. “Chasm just isn’t very interesting,” wrote PC Gamer’s Michael Luton. “The level architecture is uninspired, and the drab, muted colors make Quake look bright and cheery by comparison.”

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