Adley App Reviews | Toca Life Office | family pretend play controlled by game master

Dad and Adley are the Game Masters controlling Toca Life Office!!

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to Adley App Reivews!!! Today we are playing Toca Life Office!! My Dad and I make a family of cartoons and we play with them!! First we play with a sand castle, then we write a song, we play hide and seek at a house, we go to an office and ride a helicopter, we cook some delicious food, and we visit a court room!! it was so much fun being the game master!! I love playing with my apps, what game should I play next??

watch me control dad in his latest video
Cooking with Adley who controls Dad – Disney Ratatouille

watch my last video
DROP TEST Valentine’s Day presents dropping from 45ft (what’s inside) PT. 2

Bye vlog

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