PC screenshots of Spider-Man Remastered have leaked

If you can’t wait until August 12 to see how Spider-Man Remastered will look on PC, a handful of screenshots from the review build have leaked via Twitter and Reddit. Here’s a look at the display settings and key-mapping menus (opens in new tab), and here’s some screenshots taken on an ultrawide monitor (opens in new tab) (though not at high settings). Actually, here’s a couple more (opens in new tab).

The graphics options seem decent, with an FOV slider and options to turn off various usual suspects like lens flare, bloom, vignetting, chromatic aberration, motion blur, and film grain. The default keyboard settings are interesting—while I imagine a lot of people will play with a controller, I’m not sure about having web-swinging mapped to left-shift on keyboard? It’s remappable, of course.

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