Square Enix shows you how to make ‘Banora White Juice’ from the world of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII has a lot of fantastical things in it, and most of them are impossible to experience in the real world. That even includes some of the foods that only exist in the world of Gaia, but Square Enix has done their best to replicate one of the in-game delicacies in the real world…and now you can experience it at home!

A Banora White, also known as a dumbapple, is a kind of fruit found only in the village of Banora in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion). Banora White trees bear fruit at random times during the year, which is the reason the villagers call them “dumbapples.” Banora Whites can be made into juice, which is a favorite of many in Banora. Now you can make the same drink for yourself, thanks to a new video from Square Enix.

Banora White Juice requires 150 mL of apple juice, 20 mL of butterfly pea syrup and 5 mL of “purple haze” syrup. Once those are poured over ice, you squeeze one lemon and then top it with some mint leaves.

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