Steve And Alex Smash Amiibo Announced For September 9 Launch – News

Nobody tell Marik that he’s not going to have a monopoly on an army of Steves.

After an unexpected delay, we finally have a launch date for the delayed Steve and Alex Amiibo in the Smash line.

The blocky duo will launch on September 9 – the same day as Splatoon 3’s launch. The two base characters were originally slated to launch alongside the Min-Min Amiibo (the first DLC of Smash Ultimate’s second Fighters Pass) but was delayed for unannounced reasons.

As of now, there has been no indication on launch dates for the remaining fighters in the second pass (Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, Kazuya, Sora) nor if the last one will even happen.

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