Tiny 11 lets you run Windows 11 on underpowered machines

Windows, whether you love it or hate it, is by and large the operating system most people use. Until fairly recently if you wanted to game on another platform like Linux or Mac you could often be fresh out of luck. With the introduction of Proton and the Steam Deck, things are getting more accessible for Linux platforms, even if game-breaking third party issues (opens in new tab) persist. But there’s not a lot of options for lower powered machines when it comes to running a new version of Windows. That is until Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab) spotted NTDev’s work on Tiny11 (opens in new tab), a cut down version of the current Microsoft OS.

For the most part we like Windows 11 well enough (opens in new tab). It’s sure had some teething problems, but with constant fixes it’s starting to become worthy (opens in new tab) of most PC gaming setups. It runs well on most modern machines, but given it needs over 20GB to install and around 8GB of RAM (opens in new tab) to run, it’s simply not the answer for some older, or just smaller builds. Those kinds of setups would often be left looking to Linux or maybe an older Windows system, that is unless they want to give Tiny11 a try. 

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