Episode 306 – Thick Keanu Reeves – Talk Nintendo

Games, games, games baby! Plenty to talk about including River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, Klonoa 2. Final Fantasy VI, Endling – Extinction is Forever, and super mystery game you won’t want to miss hearing out on. Plus we dive into the mailbag!

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There are so many games and we can’t stop playing them! That’s right, it’s another “What we’ve been playing is half the episode” episode!

We start out with River City Saga: Three Kingdoms, the new Kunio-kun game on Switch. We follow that with Klonoa 2, Final Fantay VI, Endling – Extinction is Forever, and…Gangsta Magic???

We follow it up with a couple Listener Mails about revisiting old games and 2022 Nintendo announcements. For Poll Time: Is the Nintendo Switch powerful enough in 2022?

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