Alone In The Dark PS5 Remake Announced

Alone In The Dark is making a comeback, with a new PS5 remake announced today during THQ Nordic’s 2022 Showcase.

No release date or window was announced, but it has been revealed that a playable prologue will be on display at Gamescom 2022.

Alone In The Dark has also reportedly been in development since 2019, so it might be a lot further along, and sooner to release than you might think.

This homage to 90’s cult-classic horror is being developed by Pieces Interactive, and is the studio’s first foray into horror.

Interestingly, this announcement was also teased only days ago by The Snitch, a Twitter account whose previously been right about a fair few big announcements.

With that in mind, the reveal does lose some of its surprise, though for fans of the original and any horror fan, that shouldn’t dull the excitement.

You can check out the trailer that THQ Nordic released today for yourself, here.

Source – [THQ Nordic]

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