When Is The Xbox Summer Sale 2022?

Xbox Summer Sale 2022 is coming this year! A significant number of Xbox digital titles are expected to be discounted for a period of around 10-14 days with this summer sale also known as the Ultimate Game Sale and Super Game Sale.

Even if the official sale date has not yet been announced at the time of writing, then we’ve provided some educated guesses below as to when we think it might be available.

When Is The Xbox Summer Sale 2022?

When Is The Xbox Summer Sale 2022?
Xbox Summer Sale

The sale took place between July 23 and August 6 last year, with more than 500 deals included for Xbox games and add-ons. Also, the previous year, the sale began at the end of August 14 and lasted until August 24.

Here’s a list of dates from previous years:

  • Xbox Summer Sale 2021: July 23 – August 6
  • Xbox Summer Sale 2020: August 14 – August 24
  • Xbox Summer Sale 2019: July 16 – July 29
  • Xbox Summer Sale 2018: July 19 – July 30
  • Xbox Summer Sale 2017: June 30 – July 10
  • Xbox Summer Sale 2016: July 5 – July 11

Based on these dates, there appears to be a high probability that the Xbox Summer Sale will arrive in July 2022. Also, there’s a small possibility that it could drop in late June or at some point in August.

What can we expect at the sale?

According to last year’s sale, we expect for this year to feature discounts on over 500 games, bundles, and add-ons. We’ve included just some of the highlights from The Xbox Spring Sale 2022 below!

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