Blox Fruits tier list – the best devil fruits of the bunch

If you want to be the most powerful pirate on the Blox Fruits high seas, you’re going to need the very best devil fruits, and the potency they possess. This can be tricky, with so many of the sweet and superpowered fruits littered throughout the massive oceanic Roblox world, but fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. 

Our Blox Fruits tier list ranks all the devil fruit you can find in the game, so you can quickly hunt down the delicacy you need to give your plucky pirate some superpowers. Whether you want to embody a legendary dragon, become one with volcanic magma, or simply summon a magic door with which to escape, these power-ups are the key to unlocking your pirates potential. 

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What is Blox Fruit’s devil fruit? 

Devil fruit offers a certain boost to your character, whether that be enhanced speed, extra strength, or suped-up powers. There are three different types of devil fruit found in Blox Fruit, which are in further detail below. 

  • Zoan (or beast) – with Zoan devil fruit, you can transform into a beast or creature, powerful enough to rip enemies to shreds
  • Logia (or elemental) – using Logia devil fruit possesses you with elemental powers, also making it so that regular attacks pass through you
  • Paramecia (or natural) – Paramecia devil fruit is the standard order of devil fruit, offering more basic power-ups like extra strength or speed 

Fire and ice characters from Blox Fruits tier list fight

Blox Fruit tier list – the best devil fruit

Tier Fruit
S Dragon, Venom, Rumble, Budda, Dough, Shadow, Soul, Dark  
A Phoenix, Rumble, Control, Light, Magma, Flame, Quake, String, Barrier,  
B Ice, Sand, Paw, Door, Gravity Revive, Diamond
C Love, Rubber, Spring, Smoke, Falcon
D Spin, Spike, Kilo, Chop, Bomb 

Blox Fruit tier list – the best zoan or beast devil fruit

Despite there only being a few beast devil fruit, three of them alone account for some of the most powerful in all of Blox Fruits. Make sure to pick up these power-ups if you want to become the pirate king anytime soon. 

Tier Zoan fruit
S Dragon, Buddha
A Phoenix
C Falcon

Key art of battle with Blox Fruits tier list magma attack

Blox Fruit tier list – the best logia or elemental devil fruit

While there are a few more elemental devil fruit than there are beast type, the effects are much more varied, and dark stands out above the rest of the pack. Still, the A tier efforts are worth trying out, dependent on your preferred build. 

Tier Logia / elemental fruit
S Dark
A Rumble, Flame Light, Magma
B Sand
C Smoke

Blox Fruit tier list – the best paramecia or natural devil fruit

The bulk of Blox Fruit’s power-ups are natural devil fruit, with multiple entries in the S tier, all of which are well working picking up, despite how unassuming dough might sound. However, there’s also a lot of beginner-based natural devil fruit, as found in the C and D ranks, which really aren’t much worth touching for any semi-professional pirate. 

Tier Paramecia / natural fruit
S Dough, Soul, Venom, Shadow
A Control, Quake, String, Barrier
B Paw, Diamond, Door, Gravity, Revive
C Love, Rubber, Spring
D Spin, Spike, Kilo, Chop, Bomb 

There you have it, our Blox Fruit tier list complete with individual rankings for each of the beast, elemental, and natural devil fruit variations. For more adventures on the swashbuckling seas, take a browse through our picks for the best pirate games, or walk the plank. It’s your call.

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