This Doom modder is sending Max Payne to Mars in ‘Doom Payne’

If you’ve ever wished Max Payne would shut up about his metaphorical demons and start confronting some literal ones, a modder by the name of BulletTimeTails is working on the mod for you. “Doom Payne”, which they’ve been tinkering with since at least June, takes everyone’s favourite whiskey-soaked cop-slash-beat poet and drops him straight into the original Doom games, along with his guns, angst, and inexplicable ability to transcend the laws of time.

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It looks bizarrely appropriate, even at this early stage of development. Watching Max dance his way around pinky demons and imps in molasses-like slow-mo—thanks to a built-in bullet time mod from a modder called Xortts—just feels right, somehow. The only thing that sticks out is that the game’s weapons have become decidedly more ‘streets of New York’ than ‘moons of Mars’. Perhaps I’m misremembering, but I don’t recall the Doom guy ever dual-wielding MAC-10s.

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